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Dear Kid/Hemtex Supplier

In the link below you will find our Purchase Agreement and Requirement (PAR) for Kid/Hemtex. The PAR is to be considered as a formal agreement between Kid/Hemtex and the supplier. Please note that some requirements are specific to Kid/Hemtex and Hemtex24h only. As supplier to Kid/Hemtex you must return a signed copy of the first page in Buying terms to your contact person in Kid (preferably to Product- and Category Coordinator). You only have to sign and return once, it is not necessary for each update.

The document was updated May 2023 (version 1.4). Version 1.4 is applicable on all orders that are placed after 2023-05-30. In order to make it easier for you, each chapter has a change-log that can be found at the last page.

Please read the attached document thoroughly and make sure all requirements are followed at all times.

PAR (Purchase Agreement and Requirements) 


Changes for shipping documents / invoices / packing lists for Kid Hemtex orders

We are changing the internal routines for all shipping documents / invoices / packing lists for Kid and Hemtex.

All documents are to be sent to doc-inbound@kid.no.

Note that we only require 1 original for each document, except for B/L where all 3 originals are required.

T/T payments

All electronic documents are to be sent to doc-inbound@kid.no.

All paper documents should be sent with courier to:

Kid Interiør AS

Gilhusveien 1

3426 Gullaug

Att: Doc inbound

Phone number +47 94026177

See PAR chapter 6.4 for updated detail.

L/C and CAD documents

All documents follow the same routine as today. Documents for Hemtex are sent to Nordea Sweden, and documents for Kid Interiør are sent to Nordea Norway (see PAR chapter 6.4).

Note that we only require 1 original for each document, except for B/L where all 3 originals are required.

See PAR chapter 6.4 for updated detail.

These changes do NOT impact Hemtex24H


Kid/ Hemtex use a label-program for all orders to Kid and Hemtex. Hemtex previously used a program named Hemlabel, this is replaced by Kidlabel and all suppliers will have new supplier codes and access codes.
Download the program and make sure you have write accessibility where its saved. All other necessary information for the program is found in the manual.

Supplier manual for creating Hemtex and Kid export marking KidLabel



Whistleblower - Reporting of serious and sensitive concerns


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that any reprehensible conditions in the company are identified, so that measures can be taken against the condition. To achieve this, the company wants to facilitate that all stakeholders, such as customers, partners, suppliers or in other ways have a relationship with Kid, have the opportunity to report on such conditions - also anonymously.


It can be reported on all types of reprehensible conditions, such as:

  • Criminal offenses
  • Breach of legal obligations
  • Violation of the company’s guidelines
  • Violation of ethical standards and guidelines that have broad support in society
  • Danger to climate or environment


Anyone can report internally in Kid by sending an email to varsling@kid.no.

You can also send the notification by post directly to Gilhusveien 1, Postboks 505, 3412 Lierstranda. Mark the mail or envelope “confidential alert”.

All inquiries will be handled by the whistleblowing council; consisting of: CEO, Chief Safety Representative, HR Manager, and Sales Director.

In addition, you always have the right to report to public supervisory authorities or other state agencies.


The notification can be made in writing or orally, by telephone, email, or letter.

You do not need to present evidence of what you think is reprehensible, but you must be as clear as possible about what actually happened. The notification should at least contain:

  • Time / time period for the event
  • Specific information about what the case concerns and what you base your information on.
  • Any persons you know or believe have knowledge of the case
  • Your contact details (if you do not want to be anonymous)

The company wants to encourage the person who reports to identify who they are. This makes it easier to follow up on a notification and keep the notifier informed of what is being done in the case.

If the notifier does not want to come forward with their name, it is better that it is reported anonymously than that it is not reported at all.

Regardless of whether you provide your name or report anonymously, the notification will be handled.


Preliminary investigations will be carried out. If these confirm that there are no reprehensible conditions, the case will be closed without the person being notified being informed. If the case is further investigated after preliminary investigations, the person being notified will be informed and given the opportunity to comment.

The recipient of a notification of reprehensible conditions bears a responsibility to ensure that the notifier does not encounter negative consequences as a result of having reported.

In cases where the notification is given orally, it is the recipient’s responsibility to ensure that the notification is documented in writing.

For employees in Kid, there are separate procedures for the employee’s right to report on reprehensible conditions, in accordance with the provisions of the Working Environment Act. These procedures are found in the company’s HSE handbook.